• JULIO TORRESHey DiverseCity Blog, u up?

    My hair is white now. I think this is good news for my performances because it immediately informs the audience that they wouldn’t try to “relate” on a “human” level. This past month has been fun. Aside from trying to make myself into an icon, I’ve invested a lot of time in writing. My comedy partner Lena and I will hopefully come up with new videos soon. Our goal: come up with a solid Lady Gaga sketch. She’s incredibly hard to parody because she is a parody, but we’ve had several Face Time meetings about it and I think we’re on to something. I vow that it will be ready by the next time I write one of these.

    I’ve done more shows and showcases (particularly for festivals, wish me luck!). I did the Carolines March Madness stand-up tournament WHICH I LOST, and boy was I moody. Inconsolable, my mirror would say. But I had my normal hair then.

    Partly due to the competition, though, I’ll be doing shows at Carolines now. Which is great considering not that long ago that seemed like a long shot. I also have a few other stand-up gigs I’m looking forward to. Idea for an intro: when my name gets called, have an androgynous male model and an androgynous female model (both wearing black) to go on stage, switch the regular microphone for a glittery one, leave, and then I come out and do my regular set. Just a thought.


    Dear Diversecity blog,

    NACA was crazy. NACA, of course, is a massive convention where college students from all over the country go to book entertainment for the school year. I got to go with five other pals from the StandUp NBC showcase. The convention took place in Boston, at a hotel/convention center/mall that I didn’t leave for four days (it was cold out, and they had a food court and an indoor pool, so why would I?). Also, The Situation was there.

    We got to perform for hundreds? Thousands? A million college kids? And it went pretty well. My face was projected onto giant screens, and you know what, Diversecity Blog? They really liked my set. Because I was affiliated with the NBC logo, some of them assumed I was famous and asked to take pictures with me. Some asked if they could touch my sparkly jacket. Others tweeted “we love cute awkward boy!” I hear famous people complain about being objectified all the time, but let me tell you something, I’m all for it. Objectify away. I’m sick of being a “real” person. On that note, I’ve been toying with the idea of dying my hair white.

    During my concert in Boston (that’s what I’m calling it), something interesting happened. Someone backstage forgot to turn off his microphone. During my set, he repeated my jokes, so to the massive audience it almost sounded like a recording of my set was accidentally playing with a thirty second delay. I saved it with an Ashlee Simpson joke, and the result was pretty funny. The glitch has inspired this thing I’ve been trying out, where I go onstage and lip-synch an entire set, only to fumble at the end, have Ashlee’s “Pieces of Me” start playing and exiting the stage after an embarrassing hoedown like the one she did during her SNL fumble. I have yet to master it.

    I’m back in New York, eager to perform for a couple of showcases, writing sketches and messing around with different Tumblr themes. I’m also competing on the Carolines Stand-Up Comedy Madness competition, where comedians go up against each other each week till they get eliminated. I’m gonna be so moody when I get eliminated and will probably need a couple of days to recover. PS: Here’s a pic of me sipping wine on my birthday.

  • Gina_July2013

    Dear Blog of mine,

    I’m currently on sabbatical down in El Salvador. Meaning I’m visiting my parents for the first time in well over a year. It’s so much nicer to refresh one’s inbox in the company of family, let me tell you. This little vacation actually came at a perfect time. This past month I’ve done shows more frequently than ever before, which great except I was starting to feel like a tape recorder. Now I get to settle down and come up with new material. I was also starting to feel a little tense. Oh, Diversecity Blog, you should have seen the meltdown I had at the airport when my flight got delayed. Forget the TV showcases I did earlier in the month, that speech I delivered offhand to the lady at the counter was by far my best performance yet.

    That said, I can’t wait to get back. I miss the lights! I miss the microphones! I miss running around New York buying props for my videos! Before I left, though, I got my friend Joe an international calling card–I just did an open mic over the phone. Reception was a little spotty so I think I’ll try FaceTiming tomorrow.

    Joe and I co-host a show in Brooklyn. We had my new StandUp NBC pal Andrew Fisher on last time, and he was predictably amazing. Now I’m helping put together this month’s.

    I also have NACA in Boston to look forward to. I’m not sure what to expect, except that I could book a few college appearances, which is very exciting. I’d get half an hour of stage time. Imagine how many costume changes I could squeeze in (three). My mother is currently bedazzling a jacket.

    I have one more week of vacation/reinvention time down here. I’m writing new skits, working on jokes, scheduling shows, wondering if I should dye my hair white, brainstorming merch ideas and reiterating to my family everything I don’t eat.

    Also, my birthday is coming up. If you could get me a glittery microphone to go with that jacket, that would be GREAT.

  • Gina_July2013

    Oh hi Intenet, hi!

    I just got this sweet gig writing for the DiverseCityNBC blog. I’m a stand-up comedian living in Brooklyn who got a great opportunity at the end of 2013 in the form of the StandUp NBC showcase in Los Angeles.

    It all started in the summer, when I was just standing on a sidewalk, minding my own business (desperately waiting for hours to audition for the showcase). I made it through a couple of rounds of auditions and eventually became a finalist, which was especially exciting considering I haven’t been at this for that long.

    I’d never been to LA before. I got to meet the other hilarious finalists and stayed at a hotel that was so Hollywood it had a Whoopie Goldberg Madame Tussauds figure in the lobby. Here in New York I’ve made more than a few friends from LA, so during my trip I hung out with all of their moms! I went to a friend’s house, where her lovely mother offered me some wine and said things like “who has time to decant??” There was at least one Emmy on the mantle piece that went unaddressed. That’s an Instagram picture of me on my friend’s princess bed.

    My own mother was VERY excited and proud I that was going to do my “presentations” for an industry audience, which I’m sure meant to her that Steven Spielberg would be in attendance. She told me my dad was also excited.

    The showcase went great; I can say with confidence that it opened a lot of doors. Now I’m back in New York, performing Stand-up almost daily, co-hosting a fun show in Williamsburg and filming sketches with my best friend and writing parter. I’ll be going to NACA with some of my fellow finalists in February and have a couple of exciting showcases lined up before then. I’ll also be going home to to El Salvador sometime in the midst of all of that.

    This is a very exciting moment in life. I’ll be documenting the year in this blog, almost like “Sex and the City” voice overs.


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